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[Request] Account Recovery Thread

After the recent issues regarding account login on Spidernet Romania Server we created this thread.
To recover an old account you need to write here a post like in the example:

Account name:
Character name:
Race and Class:
Guild Name:

We will help you after you made a post in this topic.
You will receive an private message with recover details.
If you post and your account not been recovered please repost it!

Thank you!

Edit: Cleaned old recovery posts after receive private message with account details Today,09/07/2018 at 22:53 PM(CEST Time).


SpiderNet team.
Account name: --
Character name: Yv
Race and Class: Human Mage
Guild Name: Death Lotus
E-mail address or o part of it: --

Account name: --

Character name: Fade

Race and Class: Human Rogue

Guild Name: --
E-mail address or o part of it: --

i knows its a bit weird but i had these characters too but dont remember ids, can you move them to my accounnt or help with them. Another dk, priest and a druid.
[Image: dc965d9fbc.png]

[Image: 2hn0qrr.png]
[Image: 17em15.png]
[Image: 1zyu63p.png]
Account name:
Character name:Huntelar
Race and Class:Night Elf
Guild Name:The Horde Reappers

Account name: painkiller0199
Character name: unavaible
Race and Class: Undead Death Knight
Guild Name:-

Salutare, imi lipsesc ambele charactere de lvl 80 de pe cele doua conturi, am luat legatura cu un GM, ele apar in baza de date dar in joc nu.

Cont: Vitho
Character: Vitho

Cont: Royce
Character: Krulltak

[Image: Vithosignature.jpg]
Account name:Luvzu/Luvzu86 ( i dont remener very well)
Character name:Luvzu
Race and Class:Troll

[Image: 5bpg5wt21tvibx0472s.png]
salutare mai am si eu un cont
adytzzu sau adytzzu_30 nu stiu sigur care din ele
am un dk 80 si un druid lvl mai mic din cate imi amintesc

Account name: ruffer / ruff
Character name: Codrin
Race and Class: Human Warrior
Guild Name: - 
E-mail: /

No Rest for the Wicked!
Account name: strikerm / andreikill / andreikilled / Dereglatu / Dereglatus ( chiar nu mai tin minte , scuzati Big Grin )
Character name: Dereglatu
Race and Class: Dwarf Death Knight lv. 80
Guild Name: Don't remember

Ar fi superb daca as putea sa mi-l recuperez .
Mersi fain !

Account name: sorin1992
Character name: Spider (am mai avut si un priest "Spiderhope")
Race and Class: Human, Warrior
Guild Name: Synesthesia

Multumesc frumos.

[Image: warrf.jpg]
Synesthesia Guild
Account name:jigodia19
Character name:Doroftei
Race and Class:Blood Elf,Paladin
Guild Name:--

Este contul pierdut al fratelui meu care în ultimele minute ale spidernet-ului și-a migrat caracterul și vreau să știu unde la migrat pe ce server sau daca se poate recupera din fișierele voastre vechi 

Account name: --
Character name: Nemuritorux
Race and class: Human Warlock
Guild name: Synesthesia(maybe, i really don't remember)

Account name: calutzu
Character name: Lelee
Race and class: wass Human and Belf Paladin
Guild name: i wass in many guilds last one was Horde stole my bike and Look daddy im rank one

[Image: 198484.jpg]
Hello guys ! I'm happy to hear from all of you !

Account name: tygruletz
Character name: Effect and Tygruletz
Race and class: Undead Priest (forever)

Account name: aici e problema Smile) (micronologie) cred
Character name: Micronologie
Race and class: Tauren Shaman

Account name: mcraeko  (cred)
Character name: Raeko
Race and class: Orc Warrior


Account name: adamita (parca asa era sau adamytza)
Character name: Teacher
Race and Class: Human Paladin
Guild Name: --
E-mail address or o part of it:


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