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[Solved] New Forum Language
[Image: banner-announce-1.png]
Dear Spidernet Romania Community,

We would like to announce that the language on the forum is going to change, from Romanian, to English.You can still use Romanian on Subforum:Romanian.
We have thought a lot about this, before we took the decision to make this change, we assure you.
Even though we are aware of some individuals not being on-board with this decision, it is the best for everyone and let's face it, everyone on this forum knows English, even a little bit.
Not everyone can speak Romanian.
We also consider this to be the best approach, considering our international players.
In conclusion, all Romanian posts will be moved to Subforum:Romanian or deleted, unfortunately.
So in fairness to all, we would like to ask you to post in English from now on.
Starting today, 2/18/2019, you might be warned for not respecting this rule.

Thank you very much,
Spidernet Romania Staff


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