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[Tutorial] Chat Commands & Options
This is the list of the public channels commands you can use if you are owner/moderator on a channel:
  • /ckick <channel> <name> (Kick someone from <channel>)
  • /mute <channel> <name> (Mute someone from <channel>)
  • /unmute <channel> <name> (Unmute someone from <channel>)
  • /ban <channel> <name> (Ban someone from <channel>l)
  • /unban <channel> <name> (Unban someone from <channel>)
  • /owner <channel> <name> (Promotes a player to the channel owner)
  • /mod <channel> <name> (Promotes a player to channel moderator)
  • /unmod <channel> <name> (Demotes a player from channel moderator)
  • /ann <channel> (It will display every player that enters and leaves the channel. Do not use it on public / populated channels)

Let's say a player named Anndry spams the global. If you are the owner of the channel or you are a moderator, you can kick him from that channel by using this command: /ckick global anndry. The spammer can rejoin the channel after relog... if he insists spamming, you can use mute command also.

...and here is a short tutorial about how to customize your default chat panel - Click

For chat I use Chatter (3.3.5) as addon. You can copy/paste links from chat and stuff like that with chat addons. You can also use Prat or any addon that you mostly find on (Chat & Communication section) if you want more chat features.

[Image: 8RdRS.jpg]
a bit off topic - last night a player named Crop received ownership on Global (ally) and for some dumb reason he set a password... at 7 am when I woke up on global there were 2 players, me and Totalwar, I was owner and I removed the pass...I'm not gonna post on ban request or anything...just wanted to mention.

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