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[How To?] Spidernet Romania - Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the Official FAQ Guide for Spidernet Romania. This guide will be covering several aspects of the ticketing system and other FAQs.

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note that this guide may be updated without warning and players are advised to check this thread regularly should they encounter any issues in-game.

Table of contents
  1. Ticketing system - Post #2
  2. Accounts and Characters - Post #3
  3. Frequently Asked Questions - Post #4
  4. How to Upload a Screenshot - Post #5
  5. How to Upload a Forum Avatar - Post #6


The SpiderNet Romania team.
Ticketing System

What you CAN submit in a ticket
  • Class quests that aren't working.
  • Battered Hilt Quests that aren't working.
  • Profession quests.
  • Argent Tournament quest that aren't working.
  • Sons of Hodir chain quests.
  • Ebon Blade chain quests.
  • Frenzyheart/Oracle quests that aren't working.
  • Missing Npcs. Missing Npc/mobs report here
  • Ashen Verdict Ring - about exchanging or upgrading your ring.
  • Can't revive / character stuck somewhere on the map. Before you do this use Character Unstuck on our Website.
  • Report hackers/abusers. Please use our Ban/Mute Requests topic here
Suggestions before writing a ticket :
Before reporting bugged quests please test one/two times. In case the quests don't work, please report in a ticket and on the forum (Quest Section here) so we can try to repair them.

What you should NOT submit in a ticket
How to create a ticket?

In order to create a ticket just do the following:
  1. First thing to do: Click on the red "?" mark on the menu bar in your UI.....
    [Image: eoywitnzchvdbg4ap62.png]
  2. Choose the button"Talk to a GM"
    [Image: ylaqcrwyhbynbnvjkzj.png]
  3. Now click on "Open a Ticket".....
    [Image: mn4smp51xn7xctv7obvc.png]
  4. Start to describe your problem in the ticket
    Hello GM!
    I am leveling my character in Dragonblight and I got a problem with one quest named Harp on This!I've tried to do it but without luck! I need some help to finish this quest!

    Thank you!
  5. Once you have finished typing your issue, click on "Submit" and your ticket will be in the queue of tickets that are already available.
    [Image: 496xbcdknimntzy036.png]
  6. To ensure that u have succesfully submitted your ticket,look on the right corner and u will see this:
    [Image: 07jlr9hb6y0u5guiytec.png]
  7. If you click on it, you will see two options: "Edit Ticket" or "Abandon Ticket"
    [Image: nxw6a4mhefpzpjmvz3s.png]
Suggestion about writing a ticket:
Please provide as much information as you can regarding the issue/report in the ticket so you will not need to wait for hours before a GM reaches your ticket. By describing the issue in detail, the GM can take action (if any) even when you are offline.


The SpiderNet Romania team.
Accounts and Characters

Q: Can you rename my account?
  • A: For the moment this feature is not available. Sometime in the future there's a chance you'll be able to do this using the website tools but not right now.

Q: Can you help me move my character to another account?
  • A: For whatever reason you want to transfer your character to another account the answer is NO.

  • A: Really? Well now, I wonder how that could have happened. Well no problem, all created accounts have more or less a valid email address, just use our password recovery tool and get your account back.

Q: I lost my email password, what can i do now?
  • A: We cannot help you recover your email account, our power doesn't go to that extend. E-mail accounts are usually protected with 2 security questions to help your recover it, try to remember them.

Q: A very good friend of mine hasn't logged in in the last couple of days, can you please tell me his email address so I can contact him?
  • A: We cannot disclose any information that could jeopardize account security, such as email addresses, passwords, IP addresses or which character belongs to which account.


The SpiderNet Romania team.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to return some of my gear, what can i get in return?
  • A: Unfortunately you cannot return your gear. Don't use your points recklessly, regardless if they are arena points, honor points, loyalty points or any other type of points, it is usually a good idea to ask around what's the best gear for your character.

Q: I've lost my item/quest due to a disconnect, is it possible to recover my item?
  • A: To prevent this sort of accidents from happening, users have been given the possibility to use the command .save every time they need it the most. It has a 30 seconds cool-down and will not save your items or quests if used 2 times between this period. Bottom line, use it wisely as we cannot recover your lost goods.

Q: There was a promotion some time ago, can i benefit from it?
  • A: Promotions are what they are, promotions. They last for a limited amount of time and only a limited amount of players can benefit from them. Usually the first to come. Daily promotions last all day, weekly promotions last all week, and so on. Some of them even have some terms your need to fulfill in order to get a reward. If you missed a promotion then pay more attention when the next occasion appears. If you didn't get a reward and your friends did, you probably didn't fulfill one of the terms. Keep your eyes open as you may never know when then next one pops up.

[Image: xsugar.jpg]
Just be yourself
Updated 19 december 2011 by Nazjar
How to Upload a Screenshot

When will you need screenshots:
  1. Report a hacker/abuser (Ban/Mute Request Section);
  2. Report ISP Feedback;
  3. Participate in a banner/signature contest;
  4. Other;
If you want to report something (hacker/abuser report , ISP Feedback) we need your screenshot.
We need some reliable evidence, in this case a screenshot, in order to do so.
Now you're wondering "How do I take a screenshot and show it to a GM?".
In this part of the guide, you will learn the steps to make a screenshot, then get the link and submit it to forum or a GM.

How to take screenshots:

  1. Your keyboard got a button name "Prt Sc" ( "Print Screen"). On some laptops you need to use the combination "Fn"+ "Prt Sc" button.
  2. I want to take a screenshot from World Of Warcraft:
    Push the button from the first step, then a message will inform you in-game because you made one screenshot.
    You will find the screenshot in the World of Warcraft installation folder( C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots )
    I want to take a screenshot from windows:
    Push the button from the first step.
    Go to Start -> All programs -> Accessories ->Paint and then use button combination: Ctrl+V (Paste).
    Then go to File ->Save As -> Location Desktop (Recommended) and Save as type: jpg(Windows XP) or png(windows 7/Vista)

After you got the screenshot, proceed to the next steps to upload the picture to an image hosting website and copy the link generated.

How to upload screenshots:

To upload screenshots please go to: Pitestinet Imagehosting

  1. Click on "Browse..". Go to where the screenshot is located and select it.
    [Image: b6ot3ivi4e60plrqsf69.png]
  2. If you want to add more screenshots same time you got the button "Add more files"
    [Image: sbyqzhnctogyidno42h2.png]
  3. When you finished to upload screenshots click " Start Uploading ".
    [Image: jvnyspuie53qu5t3xgxj.png]
  4. When the Upload is complete you will see a page like this.
    [Image: dqyqdlz5ikjacrivti7n.png]
  5. Copy the the direct link from this box.
    [Image: 1u93t0c2wvydweh1n18m.png]

Finally you have finished uploading, now copy the screenshot link. Now you need to send it to GM by PM (private message) or post it on forum.
Here you can find the list for staff members.
To post the link on the forum you will need to post the picture under 2 tags like this:

Optional you can use private mode if you got account.
[img]Your image link here[/img]
The screenshots will appear like in my post.


SpiderNet team.
How to Upload a Forum Avatar

  1. Go to and acces User CP
    [Image: sx9hr6hbndvm1xkh3535.png]
  2. Go to Menu Change Avatar
    [Image: 2pe0jo6dfm5c0g4fuqg.png]
  3. Click Globally Recognized Avatars
    [Image: hderb099lqurv50dk.png]
  4. Now you need to create one new account with the email used on Spidernet Forum.
    [Image: a2gzry4gtp3vntenep1.png]
  5. To add one new image on gravatar: Go to Manage Account -> Manage Gravatar, then add one by clicking me.
    [Image: gz8jsikruhp5av7oozw.png]
  6. Please Select the rating to G for your picture.
    [Image: 9q66pp3tuv65qk47mg6j.png]
  7. Now come back on Spidernet Forum and go to Change Avatar menu again,then please select the globally avatar:
    [Image: 3w4wy0iwu9xs8t6b67fs.png]


SpiderNet team.

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