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Demonology Warlock PvE Guide
Table of Contents:

1. Talents and Glyphs
2. Enchants and Gems
3. Gearing
4. Spell Priority and Demonic Pact
5. Macros and Addons
6. Professions

1. Talents and Glyphs

The regular demonology warlock build would look like this:

[Image: talentcalc.jpg]

I suggest taking out 2 points from Improved Demonic Tactics and using them on Intensity for pushback reduction. Another choice is taking out 1-3 points, depending on how many are needed out of Nemesis and using them on Suppression if you are low on hit rating. This, however, is not advised.

As for glyphs you have a small amount of choices that are useful:


Glyph of Metamorphosis
Glyph of Quick Decay
Glyph of Life Tap
*Glyph of Immolate
*Glyph of Felguard


Glyph of Drain Soul

Looking at Major glyphs I would advise the top three as on Spidernet the Felguard isn't nearly as useful as it is on Blizzard and I'm not even sure the glyph even works here but Glyph of Immolate and Glyph of Felguard are the only viable replacements in case you cannot acquire any other glyphs. As for Minor glyphs the only one that has any use would be the Glyph of Drain Soul, as for others it doesn't matter which you pick.

2. Enchants and Gems

Here's the list of the BiS Enchants for every item slot:

Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Storm or Master‘s Inscription of the Storm if you are a Scribe
Back: Enchant Cloak - Greater Speed or Lightweave Embroidery if you are a Tailor or Springy Arachnoweave if you're an engineer.
Chest: Enchant Chest - Major Spirit or Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats
Wrist: Enchant Bracers - Superior Spellpower or Fur Lining - Spell Power if you are a Leatherworker
Hands: Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower or Enchant Gloves - Precision if you need the extra hit or Hyperspeed Accelerators if you're an engineer.
Legs: Brilliant Spellthread
Feet: Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality > Enchant Boots - Icewalker > Enchant Boots - Greater Spirit
Finger: Enchant Ring - Greater Spellpower if you are an Enchanter
1 Handed Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spellpower or Enchant Weapon - Black Magic
2 Handed Weapon: Enchant Staff - Greater Spellpower

As for gems, I prefer gemming my gear for socket bonuses, but that depends on the socket bonus. You should usually socket red gems in all sockets unless you need to meet Meta gem requirements suck as "Requires 1 red 1 yellow 1 blue gem" and such.

Meta Socket: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond.

Red Socket: Runed Cardinal Ruby

Yellow Socket: Reckless Ametrine, Quick King's Amber or Runed Cardinal Ruby

Blue: Purified Dreadstone

3. Gearing

Basically, you should look for the following stats on your gear:

Hit > Spellpower > Haste > Crit > Spirit

You should be aiming for at least 14%(368) hit rating, considering that you have a balance druid or shadow priest in the raid or 17% (446) hit rating which is the cap.

The BiS list of the currently available gear on Spidernet would look something like this:

Helm: Sanctified Dark Coven Hood - Emblems of Frost
Neck: Blood Queen's Crimson Choker - Blood-Queen Lana'thel
Back: Frostbinder's Shredded Cape - Sindragosa, Greatcloak of the Turned Champion - Deathbringer Saurfang
Chest: Sanctified Dark Coven Robe - Emblems of Frost, Sanguine Silk Robes - Blood Prince Council
Bracers: The Lady's Brittle Bracers - Lady Deathwhisper, Death Surgeon's Sleeves - Rotface
Hands: Sanctified Dark Coven Gloves - Emblems of Frost, San'layn Ritualist Gloves - Blood Prince Council
Belt: Crushing Coldwraith Belt - Lord Marrowgar, Circle of Ossus - Emblems of Frost
Legs: Leggings of Woven Death - Tailoring, Plaguebringer's Stained Pants - Festergut, Sanctified Dark Coven Leggings - Emblems of Frost
Feet: Plague Scientist's Boots - Festergut, Deathfrost Boots - Tailoring
Ring #1: Ashen Band of Endless Destruction - Reputation
Ring #2: Memory of Malygos - Sindragosa, Valanar's Other Signet Ring - Blood Prince Council, Loop of the Endless Labyrinth - Lord Marrowgar
Trinkets: Dislodged Foreign Object - Rotface, Phylactery of the Nameless Lich - Sindragosa, Maghia's Misguided Quill - Emblems of Frost
MH Weapon: Bloodsurge, Kel'thuzad's Blade of Agony - The Lich King, Rigormortis - Professor Putricide
OH Weapon: Shadow Silk Spindle - Blood Prince Council, Sundial of Eternal Dusk - Sindragosa
2H Weapon: Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas - The Lich King, Dying Light - Blood-Queen Lana'thel
Wand: Corpse Impaling Spike - Rotface

4. Spell Priority and Demonic Pact

As the title says, warlocks do not have a "set in stone" rotation. Warlocks use a spell priority. The spell priority for demonology is as follows:

1. Life Tap
2. Curse of Doom (unless there is no other warlock in the raid, then Curse of Elements)
3. Immolate
4. Corruption
5. Soul Fire (if Decimation)
6. Incinerate (if Molten Core)
7. Shadow Bolt

However, when you use Metamorphosis, your priority gets changed a little:

1. Life Tap
2. Curse of Doom (unless there is no other warlock in the raid, then Curse of Elements)
3. Demon Charge (unless you're already in melee range, then ignore this step)
4. Immolation Aura
5. Shadow Cleave (it doesn't use a global cooldown and will trigger after casting a spell so use it on cooldown)
7. Corruption
8. Soul Fire (if Decimation)
9. Incinerate (if Molten Core)
10. Shadow Bolt

If you are using any potions, Potion of Speed or Potion of Wild Magic, use them before starting the encounter, and once again during the encounter preferably with Metamorphosis, as for "On Use" trinkets, I'll get to that later.

The important thing is NOT TO CLIP DOTS. Any DoT clipping will result in a dps lost. Corruption and Immolation should be recast as soon as they end but not before. Not 1 second before, not 0.5 seconds before, after they end. The point of it is to let the DoT do all of it's damage before recasting it. Recasting it while it's still on a target will cancel the DoT and refresh it's duration while canceling 1 or 2 damage ticks that would have otherwise went off had you not recasted it, resulting in a damage and dps loss.

Now about Metamorphosis usage. If you know that a fight will last under 2-3 minutes, save Metamorphosis for the last 40-0%. If the boss has a larger health pool or multiple phases (ie. Professor Putricide, The Lich King) use it at start and as often as you can. Metamorphosis is best used with trinkets and potions for maximum effect. With the glyph, Metamorphosis lasts 36 seconds, so you should be able to use 2 immolation auras, one at the start of it, and one during the final 4-5 seconds of Metamorphosis. Also as I mentioned earlier, use shadow cleave as often as possible. It doesn't trigger any global cooldowns and it's free damage.

And finally, let's see about Demonic Pact management. Demonic Pact is a talent that gives the entire raid 10% of your spell power when your pet makes a critical strike. To utilize this ability effectively, when you see that you have spell power buffs, ie. the buffs from "Phylactery of the Nameless Lich" and "Dislodged Foreign Object", you would wait for the buff from the second trinket to stack up to, let's say, 6-10 stacks, attack with your pet, and then quickly put your pet to passive and make it stop attacking until Demonic Pact runs out. This would give you a bonus which includes the extra spell power from the two trinkets, which would give you and the raid up to 200 extra spell power for 45 seconds, which is rather significant. Now, if you had left your pet attacking the boss, Demonic Pact would refresh and you would lose the extra spell power from the trinkets.

5. Macros and Addons

There are only few macros particularly useful to Demonology. Macros for Demonic Empowerment in example. Demonic Empowerment is a talent that increases your Felguard's haste and doesn't trigger a global cooldown so it should be bound to your most used abilities:

Shadow Bolt/Demonic Empowerment

#showtooltip Shadow Bolt
/cast Demonic Empowerment
/cast Shadow Bolt

Soul Fire/Demonic Empowerment

#showtooltip Soul Fire
/cast Demonic Empowerment
/cast Soul Fire

The above macros also send your pet attacking your current target. Then we have a macro which uses your trinkets, Demonic Empowerment, Metamorphosis and also sends your pet attacking your current target:


#showtooltip Metamorphosis
/cast Metamorphosis
/cast 13
/cast 14
/use [pet:Felguard] [pet:imp] Demonic Empowerment

Now for a Demonic Circle macro. The macro creates a portal when you hold shift, and teleports you to the portal when not holding anything:

#showtooltip [nomod:shift]Demonic Circle: Teleport;[mod:shift]Demonic Circle: Summon
/use [mod:shift]Demonic Circle: Summon;[nomod:shift]Demonic Circle: Teleport

As for addons there aren't any addons that are crucial for warlocks except maybe an addon that tracks your DoTs. Here's a few of them:

DoTimer -


NeedToKnow -

6. Professions

What professions are good for warlocks? Well, any non-gathering professions are good. Here's a list of benefits that each profession has to offer:

Tailoring - Lightweave enchant for cloaks gives 295 spellpower for 15 seconds with a 45second internal cooldown.
Jewelcrafting - the ability to use better gems, giving 48 more sp than normal gems would when combined (if using Runed Cardinal Ruby that is).
Enchanting - gives you ring enchants for a total of 46sp.
Alchemy - increases the duration of flasks by twofold and increases their benefit.
Leatherworking - gives you a bracer enchant for a 46sp gain over the normal bracer enchant.
Inscription - gives you the ability to enchant your shoulders with the Master's Inscription of the storm providing a 46sp gain over the Sons of Hodir exalted enchant.
Blacksmithing - adds an extra socket to gloves and bracers, a gain of 46sp when using epic gems.
Engineering - gives a haste enchant for gloves and a cloak enchant which is better than the normal haste enchant and gives you access to some utility item enchants which have no effect on your dps.

Post any further questions or comments below, and excuse any grammatical and spelling mistakes, if there are any Smile

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Bumpin it up a lil Smile

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My life is complete. I can die happy now. TY EDDZZOR !

This server is Spidernet Romania not America,Mongolia,Bulgaria etc.
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God of demo locks Smile)) gg Eddy

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thank you eddy >Big Grin<

how much dps you build up on training dummies ?

(01-06-2012, 11:03 PM)Rtxas Wrote: how much dps you build up on training dummies ?

well it`s about 0.1k Smile

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Thanks , Edd . Thank god someone made a guide for this spec , since it uses spells from all pages , it would be really hard for a newbie to know what to spam Big Grin

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Mage exploit encyclopedia here.
Nice guide , gg Smile The "design" looks great , and makes it easier to understand.

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here is a very good and complete guide for warlocks. however the warlocks on ower server shuld consider having *glyph of corruption as 1 of the major. it procs really often and is better then *glyph of quick decay coz corruption spell have no bonus damage at all (except affli spec) this guide is very acurate and gg for your time spent doing it

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