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[Tutorial] Warrior PvP Guide
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Warrior PvP Guide

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQQlSWpwgm8dSh-1QaUmD6..._9Il4FCpeQ][Image: Ability_warrior_bladestorm.png]
  • Warrior PvP In a Nutshell
  • Races
  • Specs
  • Glyphs
  • Gear (Both for casuals/fulltime raiders)
  • Enchants
  • Gemming (To Arp, or Not to ArP?)
  • Setups
  • Macros
  • UI

    This guide was written for ALL Warriors, to help PvE heroes tackle a new part of the game for them, and for up and coming Hoodrychs that are waiting to be thrusted into the harsh world of PvP.

    1.Warrior PvP in a Nutshell:

    1) You are an MS Bot.
    Don't think otherwise. Outside of 2v2 arenas, you are not the only person dealing damage (unless you run Double Healer Warrior, which I will cover later on). You are there to make sure the kill target is playing in a wounded state. Your presence alone makes an opposing healer's life a living nightmare, so be sure to ALWAYS try to keep Mortal Strike up. If you are reliable enough to keep it up all the time, people will understand if it falls off, it's because it was avoided (dodged/parried/blocked), not because you had to think twice about it.

    2) Don't stand there.
    Seriously. Don't stand in a spot that will force you to pop cooldowns. Bad positioning in an Arena match will cost you heavily in the long run. Always be aware of A) your target's position, B) His teammates, and C) your healer/teammates. Call out over Ventrilo/Skype etc whether or not you think it is safe for a healer to repostion him/herself so that they can avoid a tight situation. The more informed you are about positioning in a match = more control over the game.

    3) You take the most damage in PvP from casters.
    This is a fact. When Spell Reflect is on cooldown, casters will tear you apart. They have to, after all, or else you will do likewise to them. Be sure to help your healer(s) out by avoiding as much incoming spell damage as possible (interrupting casts/spell reflecting/intervening a teammate to get out of line of site, etc). This cannot be stressed enough, as you will take too much damage from casters if you don't, and your healer will eventually run out of mana from healing you.

    4) Peel.
    Warriors have some the most effective peeling in the game. Between Charge/Intercept/Hamstring/Piercing Howl, a Warrior has all the tools necessary to ensure a team member does not get trained by melee. If all else fails, feel free to pop cooldowns and slaughter an enemy to force opposing players to peel you, which will essentially allow the teammate that was pressured to better position him/herself.

    5) Time cooldowns.
    Don't charge in and Bladestorm. It won't work. Be sure to time your cooldowns with your partners to ensure maximum efficiency. Yes, that means Strangulate+Gargoyle+Bladestorm. It's cheesy I know, but by God it works.

    6) Pool Rage on peeling targets.
    Speaks for itself. This is the only time MS is not necessary. This is because your peel target isn't generally the kill target. If it is, then keep MS up, but otherwise, just keep Hamstring up and pool rage for a power swap.

    7) PvP Rotation?
    There is no rotation, just attempt to keep up MS/Rend/hamstring and stay on your target. Overpower casts/interrupt them if you're a ninja. Try to time TfB procs (not really a proc but w/e) so that you can Overpower and then do it again after the global finishes.

    Interrupt Mass Dispell if you are Hoodrch/My doppleganger in disguise.

    8) Know everything about every other class.
    Absolutely necessary. You need to know what every ability is in the game, so you will know how to counter it.

    9) Have fun with it.
    The Warrior class in PvP will become stressful. Rogues will do that to you all the time. So will Frost Mages. And Boomkins. And Hunters. And Shadow Priests. You get the point. Just try to always look on the bright side of a loss, and be sure to see what you could have done better. I've lost against Shadow Priest/Rogue countless times. I've also 1v2'd Shadow Priest/Rogue after they killed my healer. It's all about adapting, but you'll never adapt if you don't enjoy it.


    Since the change to certain racials, the Warrior class has shifted somewhat in terms of what is absolutely most effective in PvP. These differences are like hairline fractions that pose no threat however, so pick which ever race you feel you enjoy the most as a warrior (it's why I'm still undead).

    Orc: Can't go wrong with a passive Stun Reduction racial that stacks with Iron Will. The AP CD is nice too, although hardly noticable once you get extremely well geared. Green is a cool colour, and their swings are cool. Doesn't afraid of much.

    Human: The extra expertise is meh, and Diplomacy is lol if you aren't grinding out the Justicar title. Every Man for Himself should be the only reason you go Human (they run weird). That being said, If you have 2 amazing PvE DPS trinkets, and you are NOT a Human Warrior, you are gimping yourself. HARD.

    Gnome: Escape Artist is the best racial designed for Warriors currently. They have increased Intellect (lol) and are subject of many jokes. Nice race to pick if you're an Engineer. The have big heads. Roll at your own risk if you have low self-esteem (like Serennia. he might steal your iPod if you make fun of him).

    Tauren: Warstomp is awesome. It can interrupt that last cast to finish off a healer, or can help alleviate pressure for 2 seconds (a huge timeframe for making a decision in PvP). They have roughly 500-600 more health than other Warriors, due to the increased Stamina that they get. they are also very manly and bring all the Russian girls to the yard.

    Night Elf: Can you reflect death coils/Deep Freeze? If so, than a Night Elf might just be the reactionary race you were looking for. Seriously, in the right hands, Shadowmeld is gamebreaking. To everyone else, however, it is lackluster and atleast it interrupts casts when used (helpful against spellcleave). Increased chance to be missed is overpowered. Increased dodge can slightly (so very slightly) increase the amount of times you can revenge. Maybe by one. AND THEY CAN DO FLIPS OMG.

    If you do roll a Night Elf, call yourself Keanureeves if you can Shadowmeld Death Coil.

    Draenei: An extremely underrepresented race, which I can't explain. That 1% extra hit changes your gear setup to allow more interesting stats. Gift of the N'aaru + Enraged Regeneration + Lifeblood, all mixed in with say, a Battlemaster trinket, is an insane amount of healing, which is something Warriors aren't known for. But for the love of God, DO NOT ROLL A MALE DRAENEI. I will disown you if you do.

    Dwarf: Eh. Bleed removal is cool against mirror matches, but other than that, Dwarf Warriors are a lackluster choice. Pick em for the beard though. And the treasure finding.

    Troll: LOL HASTE. Voodoo Shuffle is helpful, believe it or not, for a class that is pretty easy to peel. They are very lanky. Roll one at your own risk.

    Undead: Avoid these guys like the plague (irony). Pre-S7, Undead Warriors were up there with Human Warriors in terms of overpowered-ness, because we hard countered Warlocks. Since the change to Will of the Forsaken, Undead should only be chosen to idolize dead ppls.


    Currently, there are 2 Arms specs that most effective in Arenas. Those include (60/11/0) and (57/14/0).

    Pro of (60/11/0):

    - Dropping points from Blood Craze and putting them into Improved Hamstring helps with peeling, and staying on your target.

    Con of (60/11/0)

    -Lack of Blood Craze might become noticeable if you really pay attention to it.

    And vice versa for (57/14/0). Those are really the only differences between the 2 specs, so play what you want, they will be equally effective.

    The mandatory talents for both specs include:

    Imp. Rend (2/2)
    Deflection (3/5)
    *Tactical Mastery (3/3)
    Imp. Overpower (2/2)
    Impale (2/2)
    Deep Wounds (2/2)
    Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (3/3)
    Taste for Blood (3/3)
    Sweeping Strikes (1/1)
    One of the Weapon Specs Maxed (5/5)
    **Weapon Mastery (2/2)
    Trauma (2/2)
    Mortal Strike (1/1)
    Second Wind (2/2)
    Strength of Arms (2/2)
    Juggernaut (1/1)
    Imp. Mortal Strike (3/3)
    Unrelenting Assault (2/2)
    Sudden Death (3/3)
    Endless Rage (1/1)
    Blood Frenzy (2/2)
    Wrecking Crew (5/5)
    ***Bladestorm (1/1)
    Cruelty (5/5)
    Armored to the Teeth (3/3)
    Booming Voice (2/2)
    Piercing Howl (1/1)

    * You will sometimes find Warriors debating whether or not putting only one point into Tactical Mastery (for Spell Reflect) will suffice. The problem lies in where you put your talent points to get maximum effectiveness. Don't debate it. The theorycrafters know their stuff.

    ** Always pick up this talent. Never say "Oh, I could just put on a weapon chain, and then I'd be ok". Never say that. You would be losing out on 2% less chance to be dodged (huge in PvP), and a 400 AP proc.

    *** Yes, the Bladestorm nerf sucks. And even though it may seem that every team has a Rogue/Shadow Priest on it, it really isn't the end of the world. Bladestorm is now a panic button; not for you, but to make the other team panic. Since they have the counter for it now, you will be able to force a disarm, and can continue being an MS bot. It still will break the root/snare applied to you. Those reasons alone make it worth the talent point.


    For (60/11/0), Your best glyphs will be:

  • Mortal Strike - Mandatory.
  • Hamstring - Best glyph for this spec that isn't mandatory. It will let you receive the most out of Imp. Hamstring.
  • Bladestorm/Rending/Overpower/Sweeping Strikes - Any of these 3 work. Pick the one that fits your playstyle the best.

    For (57/14/0), Your best glyphs would be:

  • Mortal Strike - Mandatory.
  • Rending/Bladestorm/Overpower/Sweeping Strikes - Any of these 3 work. Pick the ones that fit your playstyle best.


    Gear makes the Warrior class what it is. With terrible gear, an up and coming Warrior might be turned off by the terrible damage output. On the other end of the spectrum, a Warrior with the best obtainable gear in the game will be blatantly overpowered. This is because of Armor Penetration being so heavily over funded on ICC raiding gear, making it better than the gear you could obtain through PvP. However, there are a few things to remember when gearing up your Warrior for PvP.

    #1) You MUST be hit capped. The hit cap is 5%, or in other words, 164 Hit Rating. Reaching exactly 164 Hit Rating would be rather difficult, so being just a little bit over isn't too much of a penalty on your stats.

    #2) You must have just over 25% crit running as any Weapon Spec, to crit on any target with just over 1300 Resilience. Many healers aim for this number, and sometimes the healer is one of the best kill targets. You will notice a severe difference in pressure output if you have sub 25% crit. This is why Poleaxe Specialization is superior to the other weapon specs.

    #3) With current available PvP gear, aim to have just over 4000 AP unbuffed. Though it may seem arbitrary, 4000 AP is the benchmark for dealing enough pressure in Season 8.

    Also, I'm not going to mention weapons, simply because you should already know which weapons are available to you, and since you can't BG for weapons anymore, there would be no point in me posting a weapon under the gear sets.

    That being said, here are some possible gear setup choices.

    Gear Obtainable through only BG's and with low ratings (1400):
    Furious Gladiator's Plate Set (5/5)
    Wrathful Gladiator's Bracers of Triumph
    Wrathful Gladiator's Greaves of Triumph
    Wrathful Gladiator's Cloak of Victory
    Relentless Gladiator's Band of Victory
    Wrathful Gladiator's Band of Triumph
    OR Titan-Forged Band of Victory
    Wrathful Gladiator's Pendant of Victory
    Wrathful Gladiator's Girdle of Triumph
    Medallion of the Horde/Alliance
    Battlemaster's Rage

    Gear Obtainable through PvP/Decent Ratings/Some Raiding:

    Relentless/Wrathful Gladiator's Plate Set (4/5)
    Hellscream's Battleplate of Triumph
    Wrathful Gladiator's Bracers of Triumph
    Hellfrozen Bonegrinders
    *Ashen Band of Vengeance
    Relentless Gladiator's Band of Victory
    Wrathful Gladiator's Cloak of Victory
    Wrathful Gladiator's Pendant of Sundering
    Wrathful Gladiator's Girdle of Triumph
    Medallion of the Horde/Alliance
    Death's Verdict/Any of the proc ArP Trinkets/Deathbringer's Will

    * It's been mentioned time and time again that the Agility ring is better than the Strength ring for Warriors. This is still the case in PvP. Sorry.

    Best in Slot PvP Gear:

    Wrathful Gladiator's Plate Set (4/5)
    Castle Breaker's Battleplate
    Wrathful Gladiator's Bracers of Triumph
    Hellfrozen Bonegrinders OR Blood-Soaked Saronite Stompers
    Ashen Band of Vengeance
    Relentless Gladiator's Band of Victory
    Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape
    Wrathful Gladiator's Pendant of Sundering
    Flesh-Shaper's Gurney Strap
    Medallion of the Horde/Alliance
    Deathbringer's Will (and Death's Verdict/Whispering Fanged Skull if Human)
    Wrathful Gladiator's Sunderer/Claymore/Crusher (Technically Shadowmourne, but lets be realistic.)


    This section is very straightforward.

    Head: Arcanum of Torment
    Shoulder: Greater Inscription of the Axe OR Inscription of Triumph
    Cape: Major Agility
    Chest: Powerful Stats
    Bracers: Greater Assault
    Gloves: Crusher
    Legs: Icescale Leg Armor
    Boots: Tuskarr's Vitality
    Weapon: Berserking

    Gemming (To ArP or Not to ArP?):

    The general concensus about gemming for PvP amongst Warriors is to gem straight Armor Penetration as soon as possible. It is our most powerful stat, as it lets us bypass a percentage of our target's armor. This is important, because our DPS specs are purely physical. That being said, scarce amounts of Armor Penetration (ArP) will not show a large damage increase (-30% ArP). On the other hand, a Warrior with 100% ArP will be doing over twice as much damage than the Warrior that only has 30% ArP. There are a few things to keep ind mind though:

    1)Am I Hit Capped?
    If you answered no, gem for the necessary amount of hit that you need. The gear sets I showed allow you to avoid gemming Hit, but if you are still under Hit Cap, you absolutely must reach it.

    2) Do I have an Armor Penetration Proc Trinket?
    These trinkets include Grim Toll, Mjolnir's Runestone, and Needle Encrusted Scorpid. On proc, these trinkets will give a Warrior roughly 40-50% Armor Penetration. That is a huge percentile difference, and it lets the Warrior *softcap his ArP.

    *Softcapping is the equivalent to reaching the necesssary minimum ArP with gear/gems, that your ArP trinket proc would bring you to 100%.

    3) Do I Have a Mace?
    Mace spec increases our Armor Penetration by a static 15%, that stacks with the 10% gained from Battle Stance, giving you a whopping 25% Armor Penetration from doing nothing at all. Unfortunately, the only good maces available at the moment are *Cryptmaker and The Wrathful Maces.

    *It should be noted, that if you do have a Cryptmaker, you can customize the previous gear sets shown, due to the obscene amount of hit it provides.

    4) Do I raid?
    If you answered yes, then you already know the value of Armor Penetration in your gear. You probably have enough to compete, as well.

    If you answered no, then you will have it pretty tough reaching the Armor Penetration cap without that raiding gear. Infact, it would be impossible.

    5) What if I'm a Godly warrior, and can pull off Strength gems while still being awesome?
    If that were the case, why would you be reading this guide in the first place?

    Here are some arbitrary ArP percentage plateaus, because I know you guys love em:

    -30% ArP without a Proc Trinket? Don't Bother gemming for ArP
    -30% ArP with a Proc Trinket? Gem and gear until you reach the softcap
    50%+ ArP without a Proc Trinket? Put on some resilience gear, and gem for ArP
    75% ArP without a Proc Trinket? You don't need a proc trinket. Pick up a mace.
    90% ArP without a Proc Trinket? You're almost there, keep going.
    100% ArP with Deathbringer's Will? Congratulations, you are 2500 rated running Double Warrior Healer Because you have 0 resilience.

    Remember, you need resilience to survive considering how much damage a Warrior can be prone to take. Running in with full PvE gear and 100% Armor Penetration will get you killed, unless you are running Double Healer Warrior. A good defense is a good offense.

    Why do I see some Warriors gemming Strength?

    Warriors that gem strength don't have insane PvE Gear, or access to a Proc trinket. That is the ONLY time Strength > ArP.


    1) WLD (Warrior, Warlock, Druid)
    WLD is currently the best setup in game for a Warrior. It optomizes on:
    -Hard hitting DoT's.
    -CC (cyclone/fear).
    -Decent damage durability.
    In this setup, the Warlock controls the fight. Be sure that your Warlock is vocal, because it's up to him to decide who the kill target is. You are an MS bot here, and a peeler. use Bladestorm for the kill/for making the enemy healer panic.

    2) TSG (Warrior, Death Knight, Paladin)
    TSG is the current standard cleave team. A cleave team is 2 melee and a healer. This setup optomizes on:
    -Undispellable MS
    -Insane defense
    -Peels like there is no tomorrow
    -Stragulate + Gargoyle + Bladestorm
    -Making Priests cry.
    The general TSG strat is to zerg down a target through Strangulate + Gargoyle + Bladestorm. If that fails, the consistent damage this setup can put out will suffice to keep the enemy team on the defensive. Pestilence makes getting away from a Warrior impossible. Chains + Hamstring makes peeling off your healer insanely easy. Games are generally very fast. The Death Knight on your team MUST be able to multi-task, however, so keep that in mind when making your team.

    3) BleedCleave (Warrior, Feral Druid, Paladin)
    Bleedcleave is exactly what it sounds like. It optomizes on:
    -Insane bleed damage from the druid
    -Letting the druid Shred rather than Mangle
    -Innervate for your healer
    -Instant Cyclone
    -Constant Uptime
    BleedCleave makes good use of Druid bleeds through Trauma. A Druid that is allowed to Shred, rather than mangle, and given Blessing of Freedom, makes every game EXTREMELY fast. The enemy healer will not be able to heal through the pressure. That's why the general start against BleedCleave is to blow up/control the Druid. Make good use of Piercing Howl/Cyclone here to ensure MS doesn't fall off, and that the Druid can worry about DPSing, rather than going defensive.

    4) Warrior/Mage/Healer
    The most common Warrior/Mage/Healer setups are WMP (Warrior, Mage, Paladin), and WMD (Warrior, Mage, Druid). That being said, Warrior/Mage/Healer is still extremely rare, as it requires near perfect execution. It optomizes on:
    -Mage Frost Novas.
    -Cyclone if running with a druid.
    This setup is the most rewarding you could possibly run. Even without high ratings, W/M/x will teach you how to be most effective with a caster, since we are not rogues, and don't complement them as well as rogues do. Remember to always listen to when your mage wants to swap targets. Save Bladestorm for Deep Freeze, or if your mage calls it out. This is another setup where the caster has to be vocal, as they control the fight. Make good use of Cyclone for when you want to apply pressure for the enemy healer.

    5) BC Cleave (Warrior, Ret Paladin/ProtRet Paladin, Druid)
    I don't advocate running with a Prot Paladin, unless you want me to find you irl and make your face bleed with gushing wounds. This setup optomizes on:
    -Ret burst with wings up
    -Stupid Prot Paladin damage if you take that route.
    Seriously. Don't run with a Prot Paladin. If you absolutely HAVE to, do not act elitest when you reach decent ratings. You don't deserve to be elitest. this setup is straightforward: apply pressure to a target, swap if necessary, pop cooldowns for the kill. Use Cyclone on the healer, or if you are about to swap, have your Druid Cyclone the previous pressure target, to keep them in a wounded state. Any target can be a kill target with this setup, but you'll grin when you see Warlocks.

    6) Double Healer Warrior
    Don't run this setup or I will put you in the hospital. This setup optomizes on:
    -Warrior Damage with PvE gear
    -2 healers keeping you alive through anything
    -Never truly going oom, especially if your healers have Solace
    -Being a loser.
    This setup gives Warriors a bad name. Don't be that guy. If you have to run this, try to run the Paladin/Priest variant, to always win the mana war, and to have some extra pressure from the Priest. Or be like Totempokelol and run Druid/Shaman/Warrior because you are a special snowflake. You basically train a target down as this setup. Don't bother swapping, it won't make a difference. Pick a kill target, and put on your tunnel goggles.
    -Additional note: I actually played this combo.

    7) Any other Cleave variant.
    I won't mention them all, because there really are too many running rampant. Just remember to always keep MS up against your pressure target, and peel off your healer when necessary. Depending on the melee you are running with, you will have to adapt to their playstyle to learn how to be most effective. But that's fine, learning is fun!


    1) Spell Reflect:
    The MOST IMPORTANT macro for a Warrior is a Spell Reflect macro. Learning how to time Spell Reflect will help you with your decision making skills. There is a very small window to make a decision on whether or not you should reflect a spell, so a lot of it will rely on anticipating the caster's next move. Duel lots of Frost Mages. It will help you A LOT.

    The Spell Reflect Macro I use is:
    #showtooltip Spell Reflection
    /equipslot 16 (insert 1h weapon here without the brackets)
    /equipslot 17 (insert shield here without the brackets)
    /cast Spell Reflection

    It's a simple macro that will equip a 1h+shield combo of your choice, and will cast Spell Reflection ASAP.

    2) 2h Weapon Equip/Bladestorm Cancel:
    This will be a universal macro to swap to your 2 hander at any given time that you would want to apply pressure after a Spell Reflect/Going defensive. It will also cancel Bladestorm if used during.
    /cancelaura Bladestorm
    /cast Battle Stance
    /equip (insert 2h weapon here without the brackets)

    Again, very simple, yet it gets the job done. It puts you in Battle Stance, equips your 2h, and turns off Bladestorm.

    3) Bladestorm Macro:
    #showtooltip Bladestorm
    /cast Sweeping Strikes
    /cast Bladestorm
    /equip (insert 2h weapon here without the brackets)

    It will pop SS, BS, and ensure you have a 2h hander equipped for maximum damage output. Without Glyph of Sweeping Strikes, this macro will cost a minimum of 55 rage.

    4) Shield Bash:
    Sometimes you will need to interrupt casts in Battle Stance. This macro will allow you to do so.

    #showtooltip Shield Bash
    /equipslot 16 (insert 1h here without brackets)
    /equipslot 17 (insert shield here without brackets)
    /cast Shield Bash

    It has a delay, since you have to weapon swap. If you are low on rage anyways (sub 25), swap to Berserker Stance and pummel instead.

    5) Heroic Charge Throw Pyro Rocket Supreme:
    This macro will replace your current charge, and will use Heroic Throw and Pyro Rocket (if applicable) mid charge. It's great for opening on casters, and helps you get rid of Ice Barrier quicker.

    #showtooltip Charge(rank 3)
    /cast Charge(rank 3)
    /cast Heroic Throw
    /cast (insert gloves that have the Pyro Rocket on them, without the bracket

    6) Shield Wall macro
    This macro will pop Shield Wall and Enraged Regeneration, to help your healer out when focused/nearing death.
    #showtooltip Shield Wall
    /equipslot 16 (insert 1h here without brackets)
    /equipslot 17 (insert shield here without brackets)
    /cast Defensive Stance
    /cast Shield Wall
    /cast Bloodrage
    /cast Enraged Regeneration
    Be sure to mash it when you want to use it, it seems to have a delay. Only use it when absolutely necessary.

    I'm not mentioning focus charge, because it is not necessary in 3v3 Arena to achieve high ratings. If 2v2 was still open to Gladiator, that would be a completely different story.


    In terms of a good UI, you want to be able to see basically the entire Arena. That being said, there are a few mandatory addons to make Arenas a breeze.

    Gladius - Necessary
    Dominos / Bartender - Makes your action bars much neater
    Afflicted3 / Aesa / IntrerruptBar - Watches enemy cooldowns, not mandatory, but VERY nice
    Spell Alerter - Helps you see whos casting what at whom, without worry about cast bars. Very nice.

    Those are the basics, and will help you in the long run when doing Arenas. Afther those, it's up to you how to customize your UI. Just try to keep it clean, so you don't have to micromanage both an Arena match, and your User Interface.

*The Guide is not mine! I just shared with you guys. I also edited it a bit. It is one of the best Warrior PvP Guides. I hope you learned something

[Image: 8RdRS.jpg]
Tauren: Warstomp is awesome. It can interrupt that last cast to finish off a healer, or can help alleviate pressure for 2 seconds (a huge timeframe for making a decision in PvP). They have roughly 500-600 more health than other Warriors, due to the increased Stamina that they get. they are also very manly and bring all the Russian girls to the yard.

Dwarf: Eh. Bleed removal is cool against mirror matches, but other than that, Dwarf Warriors are a lackluster choice. Pick em for the beard though. And the treasure finding.

spre cunostinta ta... intre un dwarf dezbracat si un tauren dezbracat, dwarfu are cea mai multa stamina din joc si avand in vedere ca poti da jos toate poisonurile,un stun, un slow o data la 2 minute, dwarfu este cea mai buna alegere de warr la alianta!

about 3v3 teams warr should try a KFC (kung-fu cleave)team. MM Hunter + Arms Warrior + healer(preferable druid or shaman). it's a massive dmg incoming from both dps.

Before being retarded and say the name of another WoW Server in our forum community, check Google.

This + This + Many other Warrior tutorials = A new, shiny tutorial, which also could be posted on other communities.
After making just 1 Search on Google I found THIS.(Yea, a lot of links to Warrior tutorials) You just can pick up something from every link and make a tutorial.
I also told you that the tutorial is not made by me, but I edited not too little, not too much, so I worked a bit anyway,
I just wanted to share with you, maybe, to help you learn something... that's my point.


Thanks for positive comments!

[Image: 8RdRS.jpg]
Also crit scales better with str than arp (overall, not speaking about lack of crit). I'm stacking str with crit, arp is not working in pvp, maybe because of resilience, and don't tell me to go post a freaking bug report, because I don't know the exact cause.

Bump! Topic cleaned.

[Image: 8RdRS.jpg]
Nice topic, thumbs upSmile maybe i will make the same kind of thread about huntersSmile

(05-19-2011, 09:07 AM)k3tchupzzz Wrote: ... dwarfu este cea mai buna alegere de warr la alianta!

Nu chiar, eu as alege gnome pentru snare removal racial.
Dwarful l-as pune pe locul 2 totusi.

Fear is a luxury
Well i have one warr and i feel my dmg is still to LOW.
My rotation is something like this - Charge+Hamstring-->Rend->MS then spam OP & Execute (lame dmg from execute).Then i try to keep up Rend+MS and spam OP&Execute. But i still feel my dps is sux vs any player. Like glyphs i use Bladestorm,OP & MS. Can i get more info about max dps in pvp mode? do i make something wrong ?

P.S Looking for some advices from Good Warrios , and please try to avoid post farm and useless comments.

Danny Kaye - "Never tell your problems to anyone... 20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them."
Hello Sinclair! Maybe not the damage is the problem, maybe you are unhappy because you do something wrong.
I don't see any big difference in your rotation / glyphs. It is just like a common warrior. Execute is lame, exactly, it is bugged and I bealive there is a oppened bug report about it. I don't use execute at all, just when I am on CD on MS, OP and I have enough rage.

Maybe it is about your gear. Try go Armor Penetration (I think it is still bugged a bit), get as many as you can (Gems, Gear - PvE Offset, DBW trinket, Shadow's Edge) but don't drop your resil below ~900-950.
Also, try to cause more pressure to your enemy with Silences and 75% Heal Reduction (MS + OP on cast) and CC (Charge, Intercept, Fear). Get all the macros, get addons and bind all your spells and practice, practice, practice. Go to BG's, duels, arenas.

I am satisfied about my warrior set-up right now.
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Multumesc,un tutorial chiar utilSmile

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Quote:Human: The extra expertise is meh, and Diplomacy is lol if you aren't grinding out the Justicar title. Every Man for Himself should be the only reason you go Human (they run weird). That being said, If you have 2 amazing PvE DPS trinkets, and you are NOT a Human Warrior, you are gimping yourself. HARD.

I'm not so sure about this.
I saw some videos where ppls use 2nd trinket to increase dodge raiting something like +172(more than 2% from night elf). And also u can combine to imba pve dps trinket for extra arp or extra attack power like +1350 attack power with 138 crit raiting or +510 str with base 258 attack power.

In my opinion that's far from bad choise of class esspecially in arena with good holy paladin when u play TSG system. DK with good positioning of anti magic zone... etc

go prot best spec

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I got no idea how to play a warrior (and i also hate them as a rogue) , but the tutorial looks pretty nice and detailed Smile And the arena tips are good for everyone.
Just one little observation :
Maybe use this site for listing the Specs. Make the talent tree and when you're done , click on Link to this build (above the talents).
Nothing bad in writing the talents , but seeing the spec like in the game feels better Big Grin

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